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Since 1982, CETIME was serving the company.
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CETIME, Technical Center of Mechanical and Electrical Industries, is a public establishment which is under the tutorship of the Ministry of Industry . It offers its services of advice and support to the companies of the sector of mechanic, electric and electronic industries (sector of the IME). Its services are oriented towards the assistance of the companies in solving their technical problems and improving their competitiveness.
Since its creation in 1982, the CETIME has devoted itself to assist the industrialists in the modernization of the production methods, organization, technology improvement, quality control and human resources efficiencies development. Thus the CETIME takes part in this way with the authorities and the specialized agencies, to contribute in the reinforcement and in the development of the industrial sector in Tunisia.

The CETIME, offers its services to three categories of customers: Industrial companies and those of services, professional federations related to the UTICA and the administration (Ministries, organisms...).

The CETIME is established on four sites which are located in the main industrial poles of Tunisia: the head office is located in Tunis and two regional offices in Sousse and Sfax .










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